Miles from the Fire

by Eric Quigley

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Recorded in a perfectly dinky north side Chicago apartment, always a great view looking west. Sophomore artist release.

All songs written, recorded, and played by Eric Quigley.


released July 31, 2015

Credit to Michael Jeffrey Wille for the photograph, taken some time ago and kudos to him for the keen foresight that it would be used for this purpose. Also, a thanks to my Grandmother for the birthday banjo years back.



all rights reserved


Eric Quigley Chicago, Illinois

Drawing from folk/blues/country & rock n' roll, Eric Quigley's sound is both modern and classic in its construction. A Chicago native singer/songwriter; Eric aspires to continue creating and performing.

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Track Name: Oh God
I wished I was a sailor
Captain of the sea

I wished I was a jailer
Someone who held a key

I wished I was a solider
Bringing glory to my name

I wished I was a preacher
Who proved every claim

God soothe the mangled minds
God calm our human fear
God show your mighty hand
Just someway to know your near
Oh God

I wished I stayed a child
Bound by careless wonder
Building kingdoms in a backyard
That no living thing could conquer

I wished I was a cowboy
Unwavering in my stare
And when it’s kill or be killed well,
You’d shoot em dead and leave the body there

I wish I was a stranger
But I just got too close
And whenever I end up leavin’
I’ll think of you more than most

God keep the open road
God rain the farmer’s field
God maintain the sanctuary
I’ve passed blindly, and never kneeled
One day I will
Oh God.
Track Name: Midwestern Stars
I’ve got my peace of mind
Comes when I’m not keeping score
At times when I rise and shine
Sometimes a drink or more

And I’ve got the young mans gun
Don’t know what to use it for
That which I can’t forgive
The disappointments behind the door

My head’s a long dark scheme
Striking violets, chamber kerosene
I’ll try to paint the scene
As have so many more

The winds a blowin’
The snow drives hard
A sky of thick gray ash
Covering midwestern stars
Midwestern stars

I’ve got a weight on me
Self made, time won’t relieve
Started small, just got bigger you see
Tied to nearly everything

But I know what I am
And I know what I’m worth
It’s not a thing others decide
It’s a pact made by birth

The wind’s a blowin
The snow drives hard
A sky of thick gray ash
Covering midwestern stars

I know I’m so very far from you
from you

I lost my peace of mind
Gone when I start keeping score
At times man I just rise and shine
Right now, I want to drink some more.
Track Name: What You See
You, you’re a pretty girl
You’ve got the world
If you’d want it

Me, I’m a fragile boy
Born and raised
On hidden treasures

You, said I was like the rain
Always fallin’
On your sunny days

We, took our time
Found ourselves
Building a promise

Ah but you, you know me
What you see
Isn’t what you’re getting

The sky, she’s that shade of blue
The perfect hue
To get lost in

Once, I tried to fly
At times in life
We’ve all got to

Don’t cry, you can get so down
Then you wear it around
Like the finest jewelry

We, took our time
Found ourselves
Slaves to a promise

And you, you know me
What you see
Is just what you’re getting

You, you’re a pretty girl
You’ve got the world
But you don’t believe it

Me, I’m a bitter boy
Growing older
Than my number.
Track Name: War Cry
The ghost of Blake
The hour of the witch
These songs of innocence
Sung as a myth

Experience is all
Experience is king
Experience is truth
With conclusions changing

Look at you now
There’s a rot in your gut
Drown it in whiskey
Then refill your cup

There’s a place for to fall
On a great golden shore
But in order to get there,
They’ll have to hurt you some more

Love found alone
Loose ties to the sky
Waiting for dawn
With dark yearning eyes

If you knew this could be
The day you were born
Would you fall prey to the void
Disappear once more?

The everyman, the common fool, plays by the rules,
Says keep your chin up, dare to dream,
There’s money to be made
Be true to you but when it’s not working out,
Change swiftly, change radically,
Adaption is survival child.

So there’s a drag to your step
A deadness of the mind
Writing songs of deliverance
Sung as a war cry

The ghost of blake
The curse of the witch
The first light of morning
Yet again missed.
Track Name: Autumn Fell
Where’d you get your yellow railroad?
Where’d you find your magic spell?
Where was it that I saw you?
So long ago when autumn fell

I was worried you were leaving
You’ll never know how much I did
Sit and watch you make your face up
The mother that could’ve been, always hid

I keep imagining a forest
Someplace far away, I ain’t been
And there’s a girl who looks like you
When the rain’s fallin’ and light is dim

I’m okay
Time has a way
Of making things not matter

I’m older now yet still young
Too young, too dumb to get it right
I’ve been wandering worn out daydreams
Until I lose myself at night

At times I’m thinking about my old friends
The ones who know what you are
The ones you thought to run away with
But you never got too far

You used to play under the big tree
With ghosts, gods, and plastic parts
You didn’t make many plans then
Following a map of the heart

Memory fades
Time has a way
Of making things not matter

I’ve got to ride that yellow railroad
I’m gonna use that magic spell
I’m gonna die in that forest
I’ll meet you there where autumn fell

I’ve been waiting.
Track Name: My Mary
I was burnin’ hours
With cigarettes and dread
Trying to find the flowers
The winter buried again

You were playing some lovers game
I was dropping out
Of this and that and things said
That I was carrying around

Oh my mary
Oh my darling
All your tender truths
You’d take my name
Without no shame
Spend a lifetime with this fool
My Mary

I was learning the hard way
The price we must pay
The things you’ll do to make a dream come true
Kill dreamers everyday

But you said I was doing fine
Said my voice made you feel
When your friends were gone
Or you didn’t belong, I at least was real

Oh my mary
Oh my darling
All your tender truths
You’d take my name
Without no shame
Spend a lifetime with this fool
My Mary

Some people live for others
Some fend for themselves
Some act out of being lonely
A dead soul lives for wealth

I’m crashing where I started
Unfocused and unknown
I'm struggling still, but content to feel
You at least are real.
Track Name: Because
Because there’s no way out
On brick wall painted orange fields
And when my feet leave the ground
It’s someone trying to tease me

Because no one hears your prayers
Big words and an empty sky
And if I’m wrong when I die
Here’s my apology

Because work is wasted life
Hours for cash, cash that doesn’t last
I know I’m judged for feeling that
I suppose I deserve to be

Because artists disguise their lies
With purpose, poise, & integrity
If I confess to be one of them
I never started out to be

Because time gets the best of us
Plans, dreams, names given in sacrifice
Now, it’s not wrong or right
It just is

Because beauty is a fleeting thing
As nothing free can be kept
So when my feet touch the ground
Man, it’s like they never left.
Track Name: Would I Be the Same?
If I forgot your name
And met you on the hill
Played a child’s game
Playing for the thrills

If I lost your touch
And chose the open air
Would you make amends?
Could you meet me there?

If I was perfect
If I was ever true
Would that make me worth it,
Would I be the same to you?

I’d paint you the morning
A picture perfect sky
Cloudless and immaculate
Red sun on the rise

I’d calm your every worry
I’d dry your misplaced tears
I’d know how to say sorry
And say it oh so clear

If I was perfect
If I was ever true
Would that make me worth it,
Would I be the same to you?

The sun is sinking low
The shadows meet again
If only for awhile now
They try and make pretend.
Track Name: Deeper than the Heart
There’s a fire in me
That starts to show
When the odds are stacked
And no one’s home

When the day has left you
Nothing at all
And night hits harder
Than a cannonball

When your dreams are dirt
Waiting on the rain
When there’s a gnawing hurt
You can’t explain

When your mirror tells you more
Than you need it to
And the bottle is finished
And so are you

When you did your best
And no one cares
When you’re like the rest
Fickle and scared

When you try to sing
And your voice sounds like shit
And you don’t mean a thing
You thought you did

So you’re down and out
Under the sheets
You turned off the music
It didn’t sound the same

You dig and you dig
For something new
A clean, bold thought
To pull you through

You may find it
You may not
It’s temporary anyways
These emotions we've got

But far within you
Deeper than the heart
There’s an ember glowing
Waiting for a spark

So get up, get going
There’s more to the show
There’s so much left
You were born to know

There’s a fire in me
That starts to grow
When the odds are stacked
And no ones home.